Basic Scuba Skills

1. The Open Water Diver training teaches you basic scuba skills, so that if something happens to your equipment or guide, you can still be safe for an extended period of time underwater. This is why Open Water Diver Course is a prerequisite course for any further scuba diving training, before moving on to the other PADI Open Water courses (Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver).

Here are the diving skills you need to know:

2. The Open Water Diver certification, although relatively easy to get, is the beginning of a new life as a diver. When you make it through the Open Water Diver Test, you will be in good control of your diving equipment and ability to dive safely. For this reason, you should tell everyone who is important to you, so they don't worry if something goes wrong while you are travelling alone on an Open water Dive Trip (this includes family, friends and co-workers). Keep in mind that open water training & certification dives could take place at locations which no-one can reach without a boat or helicopter.

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