Tricks for Taking The Exam

There are barely any tricks to help you successfully pass your OWD exam. The textbook (whether it is digital or paper) has plenty of exercises which focus on the main areas your final exam will, too, so keep an eye on those. Watch the videos as they help with practical demonstrations of the law of physics as well as the skills you will perform.


A few acronyms can help you remember some important information, such as:

•         BWRAF – Begin With Reviews And Friends – to memorize the steps of a buddy check – BCD, Weights, Regulator, Air, Final check. If you don’t remember the standard acronym, try some of our favorite: British (or Brazilian, Belgian, even Blonde or Big, anything you want!) Women Really Are Fun, or Bruce Willis Ruins All Films.

•         SORTED – Signal, Orientation, Regulator, Time and Descend, for a 5 points descent;

•         STELAR- Signal, Time, Elevate, Look up, Ascend Rotating, for a 5 points ascent;

•         RTFM: you might have never seen this, surely not on your PADI manual, and still this is the key to one of the final questions of your test. The first step in using your computer is Read The F***ing Manual!

As to the practical part, remember your instructor will not show or demonstrate the skills in open water, that only happens during the training part in confined water. Therefore, memorize the steps to each skill, watch the videos, practice with a buddy, ask your instructor to show it again if needed, but you will need to remember all skills during your open water dives. To look more confident and safer, always stress the exhaling bubbles while your regulator is not in your mouth, and work on your buoyancy during each and every dive.

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